Affiliview Review and Special Bonus | READ THIS BEFORE YOU BUY!

This page is going to be a detailed review of Affiliview by Simon Greenhalgh. Do not buy The Affiliview Software until you read this. Check out the Affiliview review… 

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Let’s start with the basic info…

Product Name: Affiliview
Type: Software
Founder: Simon Greenhalgh


What is AffiliView?

Simon Greenhalgh, the product manager, and Raymond Dele, product creator, worked tirelessly and carried out thorough research to design a miracle tool for all marketers out there. Affiliate marketing is no more a stressful task with AffiliView. These two skilled individuals spent years studying what the top affiliates do to make their campaigns so effective.

They began analyzing the best performing products and highly profitable campaigns. Their time, effort, and money spent on research and market analysis bore fruit, and they finally created software that could do wonders for You.

AffiliView is the ultimate solution for all marketers. Be it a beginner or a pro, AffiliView will help you build powerful affiliate campaigns that will provide results similar to that of pro affiliates. It is a quick and easy way to design bonus pages, capture leads, and generate a hefty online profit.

Designing affiliate bonus campaigns require a lot of research and time. With AffiliView, you can save a lot of money and time that you invest in thoroughly researching and analyzing the campaigns of competitors. Moreover, with this marketing tool, you do not have to worry about paying any monthly fee or pay for driving traffic to your website.

AffiliView brings organic traffic to your website, and it is the best thing about it.

In addition to this, it includes full campaigns of graphics, bonuses, e-mails, and even videos for the top 20 products of the year. You can use affiliate links and pre-made bonuses instantly and generate online revenue. It offers built-in timers, makes it easy to collect leads, and provides complete campaigns for you.

With this result-oriented marketing tool, you do not have to waste your money and give your precious time to create compelling demo videos. You do not have to work on graphics or hire graphic designers. The campaigns by AffiliView is providing impressive results and is something you must get your hands on.

Features of AffiliViiew

Affiliview is a magic software that offers dynamic features, perfect for every marketer struggling with designing affiliate marketing campaigns.

Complete Campaigns

One of the best features of AffiliView is that it comes with full campaigns for the top 20 products of the year. It includes fully-prepared e-mails, impressive graphics, effective demo videos, result-oriented bonuses, and headlines.


Affiliview is a dynamic choice for autoresponders. Marketers can very easily load the campaigns in autoresponders and make profits even off-working hours.

Demo Videos

Another smart feature of Affiliview software is that it can build video review pages. It can auto-generate review videos for any product, and best paired with final cut pro audio.

Wide Variety of Graphics

You will never have to spend money on hiring graphics designers to create effective affiliate marketing campaigns as AffiliView offers a wide variety of graphics that can create beautiful promotional pages.

Scarcity Timers

You do not have to worry about uploading and taking down an affiliate marketing campaign. The AffiliView ensures that a campaign has a start and end time.

Effective Leads

You will be able to create a list of people from the system. It can generate unlimited e-mail lists as you automatically receive the information of the person who buys a product through a campaign by AffiliView.

Other features include generation of automated traffic, fully-prepared e-mails, and lets you create customized campaigns with ease and very quickly.

Affiliview Pros

  • Creates effective campaigns with ease and in reduced time
  • No monthly fee or paid advertisements
  • Comes with affiliate campaigns of the top 20 products of the year

Affiliview Cons

  • Not for marketers who do not want to spend money on campaigns

In just $22, you get a tool that makes affiliate marketing easy, simple, and a quick process. No more researching and spending money on paid advertisements. It is a tool that every marketer and business owner needs to own in such a competitive world!